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Use the following information as a guide to getting started with Priority Staffing.


1. To fill out our application and submit a resume, click here.

2. Most Priority positions require applicants to complete computer-based testing as a pre-requisite for eligibility. If a recruiter sends you testing, you must complete this testing to advance to the next phase of the application process.  *Note: available jobs are filled quickly: untimely and uncompleted testing will affect eligibility for job opportunities.

 3. After you submit your resume and/or complete the testing, a recruiter may contact you to discuss possible employment with Priority Staffing. Due to the high volume of resumes coming in to Priority, only those with the skills and experience matching our opportunities may be contacted.

 4. If you do not immediately qualify for opportunities we have open when you complete the application and testing, your information will stored so that recruiters may contact you when a position matching your skill set and experience becomes available.

We look forward to meeting you!